Binance – One Of The Best Exchanges?

Binance is becoming more and more popular. That’s not surprising. Here you have a simple platform with the best-known coins and low fees. Also positive is the app, which differs from the usual PC platform only in very few points. Whether Binance makes the difference or you log on to another platform is up to you. To make the decision easier, you can see the comprehensive test report on Binance vs Bitmex here:

One of the major crypto exchange platforms is called Binance. Here you can purchase a wide variety of digital coins. The range also includes smaller cryptic coins and thus sets itself apart from other exchange platforms on the Internet. As Binance is spoken in German, an analysis of the offer is certainly worthwhile in order to be able to examine the basic characteristics of the platform. Interested users can thus obtain a suitable overview and useful information on the topics of securities, payment methods, existing currencies and other characteristics.

Security is not neglected

The issue of security should be a top priority, especially for online file-sharing sites using Internet currencies. After all, we are dealing here with partially unregulated companies that rely on completely new systems. A comprehensive binance test must therefore also examine the existing precautions here. Accordingly, it is certainly worthwhile to first go into the company’s security instructions.

When you register, you should notice that you can connect your Google Account to your personal account. This helps you to make the login to the platform even more secure. Finally, additional authentication is required to gain access to the account. At first this sounds like a very simple step, but it can have a significant impact on the protection of data and assets.

  • The platform itself provides some essential hints on how to protect yourself. Four basic tips are mentioned. These also seem very logical at first, but there are always cases where users do not take these tips to heart and blindly trust supposedly helping hands. At no time should you pass on your password to anyone.
  • After all, this is highly sensitive data that can provide access to the account and thus to all cryptic assets. In the past, it has also happened that supposed Binance employees wanted to gain direct access to users. On dubious websites, you are sometimes asked to call any telephone numbers.
  • This should also be avoided under all circumstances. Especially, one should not come up with the idea of responding to any requests from alleged employees of the Group that money should be sent from the personal Binance Wallet to the Group. These are fraudulent intentions on the part of criminal actors. If you want to deposit money on Binance, you do so only through official channels.

You can proceed proactively by using Google’s two factor verification. Fortunately, this is supported by Binance. Depending on which end devices you own and want to use for trading, you also have to install talking virus programs. An up-to-date check should be carried out before logging in to rule out any threats.

What has now become understandable for many users for PC use should not be neglected for mobile applications either. All too often, users of apps forget to provide the important security through current programs. In order to protect yourself against malware, however, you should make use of the possibilities offered by the various marketplaces.

Only when these basic prerequisites have been met can one calmly start using the marketplaces. All in all, you should follow your attentive and logical expertise in order to complete your desired transactions safely and without any problems.

Simple verification and different payment methods

The Binance Exchange uses one of the largest companies on the planet to offer even more secure login and authentication. The so-called two factors authentication by Google ensures that the account is protected by an additional level of security.

Ultimately, the user does not need more than a smartphone for this, which is connected to the Google account. In addition to the regular login data, not only the normal password and user name are requested during the Binance login or registration, but also a special code that is sent to the mobile device. You must therefore have all the information you need to access the account.

  • This simple step means only a small extra effort, but is of blatant importance for the protection of personal assets. In order to activate this additional protection, click on the field in the appropriate area during registration. In the first step, the so-called Google Authenticator must then be loaded onto the mobile device. This can be done with iOS devices as well as with Android smartphones and tablets.
  • You will also be asked to scan the QA code, which you can then view on the platform. To complete the scan, you have to use the downloaded application. But you can also decide to enter the 16-digit key manually. Here it depends on the preferences of the user. In the personal area you can then create an account with special names for the Binance connection.
  • You will also receive your personal 16-digit key, which must be stored securely. This should not only be done digitally on the smartphone, as it can happen that it is stolen or lost. But to get access to the verification again, you need this key. If you have taken care of all the security precautions and, ideally, have also taken care of the Google verification, then you can deal with the payment methods of the platform.

To do this, you first log in and can then deposit money on Binance. You will find a button called “Deposit” in the menu. You can choose which coins you want to transfer to the platform. You will then be shown the corresponding Binance deposit address to which the tokens must be sent.

If a memo is required, it will be displayed directly on the platform. At this point, an extremely important note about the platform itself is permitted. The platform is a pure crypto currency exchange platform. Real currencies do not find a place here. In this respect, trading actually only happens if you already have other digital coins at your disposal.

Dollar or Euro cannot be exchanged for Internet currencies at this point. If you want to get more information about the offer, you can contact the support or do a short research on the platform itself. Here a step-by-step guide is provided on how to purchase the different crypto currencies in detail.

Numerous crypto currencies on offer

Binance is characterized by an extremely interesting characteristic. This is a pure crypto exchange. The purchase and sale of real currencies is not even possible here.

In order to gain access to the marketplace, you need one or the other digital currency. 52 different crypto currencies can be found on the platform and the value can be displayed in US dollars as well as in Chinese renminbi.

So you can estimate at any time, how the values develop permanently. In the first place stands the popular Bitcoin. It is the most expensive cryptic currency, but also the most widespread. Therefore, it is only logical that this coin is one of the most traded coins on Binance.