Buy Monero – Real Trading Experience & Instructions

This page is about a guide to trading the crypto currency Monero. Intelligent Trading introduces you to a special guide for trading with Monero. In addition, you will learn all kinds of facts about the crypto currency and how to buy and sell it at the lowest possible price.

What is behind the crypto currency Monero?

Like the Bitcoin, Monero is a decentralized crypto currency, but it attaches more importance to user anonymity and decentralization. The coin was programmed from scratch and therefore refers to its own code. This is an advantage over other crypto currencies that are written similarly to the Bitcoin. Monero has up to 12 decimal places and is managed by the CryptoNight algorithm.

The privacy of the users is so protected that all incoming and outgoing payments on the blockchain are not publicly visible. A special key is required for this. If you want to learn to trade cryptos, this: is a must read.

Regulates and licenses the crypto currency Monero buy and sell

Intelligent Trading introduces the European Broker IQ Option to you on this page. With this company you can buy very cheap crypto currencies without much effort. This also includes Monero. The Broker IQ option is regulated and offers you an account opening with a minimum deposit of 10€.

  • You can invest in Monero with a stake of 1€ or more. The trading platform can also be tested in the free demo account. IQ Option currently offers over 12 crypto currencies for trading, more will follow.
  • You don’t need a special wallet, because the account currency is converted directly into the crypto currency. Now you can even invest in Monero’s falling prices. Further details will be explained in the course of this page.

Fast deposit and withdrawal for Monero trading

IQ Option offers you many methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. A deposit can be completed in a few seconds. Use credit card, instant bank transfer, bank transfer or other online payment providers. You do not pay any fees for your transactions. From my experience, a withdrawal is processed in a few hours. Verify your account for optimal processing of all payments.

Open an account for Monero Trading

You can open an account with IQ Option using the left panel. Enter your email address and choose a secure password. You will then receive a confirmation email. Further data must then be entered on the IQ Option homepage. Verify your account with an identity card and a proof of residence. The verification usually only takes a few hours. The minimum deposit is 10€, but you can also use the trading platform in a free demo account.

Innovative software for Monero

IQ Option offers you a very good trading platform for trading with Monero. You can analyze the chart in different time units and open and close positions in a few milliseconds. Technical drawing tools or indicators can also be inserted. The trading platform is available for the computer and for the smartphone.

Thus the portfolio can be checked at any time. In the picture above you can see a section of the trading software. It has a very user-friendly structure. In case of problems or questions you can easily contact the support.

With IQ Option you get 24/7 support via chat, phone or email. Each account is also assigned its own account manager. For larger deposits starting from 3000€ IQ Option offers an extra VIP support.

The final conclusion to the Monero buy and trade

Intelligent Trading recommends that you trade Kyptow Currencies with IQ Option. The broker offers a customer the possibility to access crypto currencies without much effort. For this he only charges minimal fees. With IQ Option you get a very good trading platform, support and chance to invest in crypto currencies.

Trade now even falling prices at Monero without wallet. The minimum deposit is only 10€ and of course you can also test the platform in the free demo account. Overall IQ Option offers you a very good solution for your investment. Open your account now!