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Bitcoin Casino Slots – A Revolution in the Online Casino World

Betting and playing with Bitcoins (BTC) in online casinos is still a grey area in terms of legality and security for players, according to our experience. Can Bitcoin Casinos defy this trend by offering a service that not only enables a wide range of gambling with the digital currency, but is also professionally managed and reputable when it comes to player protection? That remains to be seen.

The large lobby of Bitcoin Casino Slots contains games from innovative software providers such as BetSoft, Endorphina and Softswiss, which enable players to play exciting and interesting Bitcoin Casino Slots against cash prizes.

There are numerous advantages to betting and playing Bitcoin Casino Slots with Bitcoin. The crypto currency is initially untraceable and allows Bitcoin Casino Slots players to play anonymously online. Secondly, Bitcoin casinos tend to offer very high bet limits with large bonuses for the Bitcoin Casino slots due to the favorable exchange rate of the Bitcoin currency. Since the currency is not regulated by centralized banks or government institutions, it can be moved much more freely, resulting in faster withdrawal transactions.

There are not many disadvantages to betting with Bitcoin or playing Bitcoin Casino slots. One would be, however, that Bitcoin online casinos often operate without a valid gambling license, as the established regulators in the world have not yet reached the Bitcoin phenomenon. Therefore, we recommend that anyone with online casino experience read test articles about Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin casino slots.

What is so special about Bitcoin Casino Slots? And who are the software providers and what games are there?

There are some players who don’t know that a Bitcoin slot basically has the same function as an online video slot. The same goes for a Bitcoin casino, where you can also win a progressive jackpot or, among other things, select and play the game Blackjack (Black Jack). Likewise, in a Bitcoin casino there is a Bitcoin bonus without deposit. Most Bitcoin Casino slots can be found in the mbit Casino, or, in the casinos reviewed on this site. They offer you everything a player’s heart desires. There you will also find Bitcoin Poker and Roulette, but Book of Ra is not withheld.

You can also download the very popular Alpha Dog Apps from the Internet. In addition to the numerous Bitcoin Casino slots, there are also free live games.

When it comes to the slot machines in a Bitcoin Casino, the focus is mostly on large and bold 5-reel video slots. Microgaming, NetEnt and BetSoft are perhaps the best known of the software studios in the Bitcoin casinos and create the most and highest quality video slots. Their 3D slots are usually aimed at different characters and have a strong narrative aspect to gameplay.

Endorphina and Softswiss may not be so well-known Bitcoin Casino slots manufacturers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer praiseworthy slot machines. Satoshi’s Secret by Endorphina is a unique slot based on the modern world of cyber-hacking, while The Emirates offers players a contemporary look at the Middle East by celebrating the riches of an oil tycoon. Cherry Fiesta by Softswiss is a bit easier because of his retro theme, but the 5-reel video slot still offers some exciting spins and decent winnings.

Just as a Bitcoin bonus without deposit won’t be found in every Bitcasino or Bitcoin Casino, some Bitcoin Casino slots from the manufacturers just listed won’t be found in every Bitcoin Casino. The same also applies to the free spins, which are free of charge for the Bitcoin Casino slots.

A Bitcoin Casino Mobile App can make your life easier. You can now bet anytime and anywhere

A Bitcoin Casino Mobile App for Bitcoin Casino Slots is of course an enrichment for players. Betting and gaming is no longer possible exclusively from home, but also from the road. So there is no longer the danger of missing a live bet due to limited time. Especially at sports events like the World Cup and tennis tournaments it would be a pity if you had to cut back on your bets just because you don’t have a Bitcoin Casino Slots app.

The download of the Bitcoin Casino Mobile App for mobile phones (Android, iOS) is not difficult and takes only a few seconds. All you have to do is search for the Bitcoin Casino Mobile App in your store and after downloading it you can play all the available Bitcoin Casino Slots of your choice.

Is there a Bitcoin Casino Bonus without deposit for Bitcoin Casino Slots in a Bitcoin Casino?

In many stores you will also find a bonus code. You can register with them and receive a Bitcoin bonus without deposit, which will allow you to play most or all of the Bitcoin Casino slots, depending on the casino. This is not a must, it’s just an option.

What makes a bonus without a deposit so attractive?

No Deposit bonuses are a very useful way to visit a new casino as no deposit is required! The majority of casino bonuses without a deposit only require a simple sign-up, but others may ask the player to confirm a payment method or a No Deposit Bonus Code.

Here are some Bitcoin Casino experiences that may help you find your way around better

Our Bitcoin Casino test was very detailed and therefore we have more to report. Much of it you have already seen or read. But besides the Bitcoin Casino Slots and Bonuses without deposit there are also a few other things that are worth mentioning as well.

For example, every Bitcoin Casino has a 24/7 customer service. If you have any urgent questions or problems, you can contact him directly. It’s no coincidence that many customer service representatives at a Bitcoin Casino speak German. Most customers come from a German-speaking country. Contact can be made via live chat, email or phone.

There are many advantages to betting and playing with Bitcoin. The crypto currency is initially untraceable and allows players to play anonymously online (even with a Bitcoin Casino Mobile App).

Secondly, Bitcoin casinos tend to offer very high bet limits with large bonuses due to the low exchange rate of the Bitcoin currency. Since the currency is not regulated by centralized banks or government institutions, it can be moved much more freely, resulting in faster withdrawal transactions.

There are not many drawbacks to betting with Bitcoin or playing Bitcoin Casino slots, although the main drawback could outweigh all the positive benefits together. This is because Bitcoin casinos often operate without a valid gambling license, as the established regulators in the world have not yet reached the Bitcoin phenomenon. This also applies to, as there is no recognised licensing authority to give credibility to the service. Of course, Bitcoin Online Casinos strive hard to be considered safe, fair and responsible, but all these efforts are meaningless if there is no seal of approval from a legal institution that would support them.

What are Provably Fair Bitcoin games, if I may ask? Can anyone explain that to me?

The term Provably Fair Concept is used to describe the testing and certification of online casino games providers from all over the world. From the casino player’s point of view, fair play is at the heart of the concept. Provably Fair Bitcoin games, as the name suggests, ensure fair operation. And this applies to all parties.

  1. Serious internet casinos use three open source algorithms for Provably Fair Bitcoin games. The three algorithms that are used for Provably Fair Bitcoin games are: Random Seed Generation, Hashing and Random Number Generator.
  2. The results of the round of a game are based on a random number generator or the input of Bitcoin Casino players. They can be identified by a unique hash code using this concept.
  3. This hash code changes from game round to game round if the provider of the Bitcoin Gambling site guarantees a fair game thanks to the Provably Fair Bitcoin games.

In addition, the Bitcoin Online Casinos have verification pages with various online forms or hash generators that allow the player to retrieve the data of his hash codes himself, so that he can decipher them. This allows the player to check, for example, his own spins on the Bitcoin Casino slots to see whether the symbols on the reels have really landed by chance. This can happen at any time and at any round of the game. The hash code of the respective game round can usually be found directly in the game itself. This can be accessed via a button or alternative functions.

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Place sports bets on the Internet with Bitcoins

The digital currency Bitcoin has some features that make it interesting for sports betting as well. Deposits and withdrawals can be processed within a few moments and are completely anonymous. For this reason, no personal data is required for registration with a Bitcoin bookmaker. Although it is currently not clear whether the currency will actually prevail in the long term, there are already some bookmakers who accept Bitcoins as a means of payment. But what makes Bitcoin so special for sports betting and who are the best bookmakers?

Bitcoins is a pure online currency, which cannot be compared to other currencies. Since the currency is already used by many people on the Internet, the sports betting industry has also become aware of it. Although the digital currency is not yet a standard feature among online bookmakers, it is still worth taking a closer look at what is on offer. Sports weather should be aware that Bitcoins can only be used on the Internet and are not a valid means of payment in the real world. Transactions with Bitcoins are executed quickly and cannot be revoked afterwards. Payment is confirmed within a very short time. The idea of a virtual currency has been around for a long time, but Bitcoins have only been on the market for a few years. Currently there are about 1.3 billion Bitcoins in circulation.

Use Bitcoin for sports betting

Bitcoins transaction costs are very low, so some bookmakers offer a 20 percent bonus when the betting account is loaded with the digital currency. This applies not only to the initial deposit, but to all account top-ups. Another advantage is that the currency can be used by all customers worldwide. In order to bet with Bitcoins, real money must first be exchanged at one of the numerous Bitcoin exchanges. Bitcoin bookmakers do not differ from classic sports betting providers in terms of their offering.

Bitcoin enable anonymous sports betting

Bitcoin bookmakers offer their customers some advantages. These include in particular that sports weather remains completely anonymous. Betting providers who accept Bitcoin as their currency only require their customers to provide an e-mail address. But even this is not mandatory for many bookies. In addition, it is quite easy to create an e-mail address just for this purpose. Anonymous account openings are always possible if payments are made exclusively with Bitcoins. The deposited amount is immediately available so that the first bets can be placed directly. Since the accounts are kept anonymous, they cannot be blocked by the bookmaker. After the bet has been settled, the prize goes immediately to the player. Even with a rather large payout, there is neither a limit overrun nor an account block.

What are the advantages of deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin?

  • Due to the functionality of Bitcoins, payments are processed quickly and securely by the bookmaker.
  • The required infrastructure is completely provided by the Bitcoin system so that no additional transaction costs arise.
  • The flexible payment system also makes it possible to transfer money from one bookmaker to another.
  • The credit can also be easily sent to friends. It is even possible to transfer money to third-party customer accounts with another betting provider.

Are there any disadvantages with Bitcoin bookmakers?

Bitcoin betting – paymentsWas the digital currency can score with some advantages, but also the disadvantages should not be ignored. Since Bitcoins has only been around for a short time, there is no long-term experience available. However, at the beginning this was also the case with online bookmakers. Here, too, customers first had to make their own experiences. Bitcoin bookmakers are new on the market and usually do not have a European license. This increases the risk that the betting provider goes bankrupt due to insufficient income. As advantageous as anonymity is, it also ensures that there are no minimum standards or legal regulations. However, due to the fast handling of payments, no large amounts have to be paid into the betting account. If necessary, the credit can be topped up within a few moments. Although the acceptance of Bitcoins is increasing, the currency cannot yet be used everywhere. Therefore, Bitcoin bookmakers cannot yet be compared with classic betting providers.

What can you expect from Bitcoin bets in the future?

Statistics show that around 50 percent of Bitcoin payments are made in sports betting and online casinos. This makes it clear that the number of bookmakers using Bitcoins has risen in recent years. Particularly in the USA, the number of Bitcoin gaming providers is increasing strongly. This is primarily due to the fact that gambling in the USA is only permitted in the states of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. Due to the anonymity of Bitcoin bets, they are therefore a very popular alternative. Transactions in Bitcoin cannot be controlled by the responsible authorities. a Bitcoins, however, not transferred, but paid to websites, this process is not traceable. Since payment is made immediately and cannot be reversed, bookmakers also benefit from this. The digital currency has revolutionised the gambling market in the USA. An end to this trend is not in sight. In this country, the virtual currency is still much less known and the market is therefore very manageable. Nevertheless, German sports bettors are now also finding some providers to whom Bitcoin can be deposited.

The best Bitcoin bookmakers

The betting provider Cloudbet has been on the market since 2013 and was one of the first real Bitcoin bookmakers in Germany. For a more exotic bookmaker, the betting offer is surprisingly extensive. Football fans can bet on all major leagues worldwide. In Germany some even up to the upper league. Basketball, tennis and ice hockey also offer a good selection. The number of betting markets on offer is good, although not as high as with the best bookmakers. New customers receive a bonus of up to 5 BTC. The odds are also impressive at Cloudbet and lie beyond the 93 percent mark. For friends of the digital currency, Cloudbet is currently number 1 in sports betting. Casino friends also get their money’s worth at Cloudbet. In addition to a large selection of table games and slot machines, there is also a well-designed live casino.

Get a Cloudbet and 100% deposit bonus now!

Bitcoin After we had already dealt with Bitcoin and sports betting once last year, we have now devoted ourselves to this topic again. After all, the Bitcoin crypto currency has undergone an enormous development in recent months, so a new look at the subject is certainly worthwhile. The crypto currency Bitcoin has already been used for some time for payment and as a financial investment. At present Bitcoin experiences a true course rallye. Almost daily the speech is of course rises. Ever more investors invest in Bitcoin, which drives the course strongly into the height. Who would like to invest in Bitcoin, must be ready for a high risk and bring along experience in speculative plant forms, since it concerns a highly speculative plant. Meanwhile, some sports betting providers make it possible to pay with Bitcoin.

The trend of Bitcoin sports betting is rising. Initially, there were hardly any German-speaking providers who allowed this payment, but the number has risen. This contribution explains the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin and explains, what you should consider with Bitcoin Sportwetten.

The crypto currency Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not the only one, but it is the most popular crypto currency. Its popularity is due to the strong rise in prices in recent weeks. Especially in times of low interest rates, many investors are looking for alternative forms of investment and are increasingly relying on speculative investments. Bitcoin is a highly speculative investment. Just as fast, as the course rose, it can fall again. The risk of price falls and total losses is very high with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an artificially created currency and at the same time a payment system. This payment system was first described in 2008. In January 2009, the first 50 Bitcoins were created and the Bitcoin network was launched.

Bitcoins as means of payment are created and managed decentrally in a computer network. There are currently 21 million Bitcoins in circulation. This number cannot be influenced or changed as the maximum amount of money is fixed on it. Bitcoin is therefore inflation-proof.

Bitcoin works independently of a bank. As a payment system, Bitcoin is most comparable to the electronic purses Neteller and Skrill. As with electronic wallets, to use Bitcoin for payment you must open a Bitcoin wallet. This is possible on various Internet portals. You have to load your Bitcoin wallet with Bitcoins and invest in Bitcoins to do so. You can buy and sell Bitcoins on various Internet marketplaces. Trading Bitcoins is also possible among Bitcoin users. The basis for

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Smartphones out, we’re having a LAN party

Sophisticated like League of Legends, but on a tablet or smartphone: The Mobile-Moba Vainglory is especially popular with young players. An e-sports scene has also emerged. We were at the Spring Season final and talked to developers and pros.

Who needs a mouse and keyboard to play? The e-athletes of the mobile mobas Vainglory don’t: More than 100 times a minute the players tap on the touchscreen of their smartphone or tablet and try to farm gold, gain an advantage with ganks and destroy the base of their opponent, like in League of Legends and Dota 2. And like these two games, Vainglory also creates an active e-sport scene.

The special thing about it are the very young players. The youngest participant in the finals of the European Vainglory Championship Series was just 13 years old. We were at the tournament in Berlin and asked developers and professional players why very young players especially liked the game.

In principle, the developers of the Super Evil Megacorp wanted to transfer the gameplay from League of Legends to a mobile platform. The former developers of Rockstar, Riot Games and Blizzard observed that children and teenagers in particular played almost exclusively on smartphones or tablets: The idea for Vainglory was born.

“We had to make many big decisions to develop a Moba for a mobile platform,”

explains Q Wang, one of the founders of Super Evil Megacorp, in an interview with “We’ve set our sights on a game time of about 20 to 25 minutes, about half of a normal Moba game. That is from our view the shortest play time, in order to have nevertheless the important strategy phases in the play.

  1. Another difference to classic mobas is that a team consists of only three players.
  2. For a mobile platform, smaller teams make more sense.
  3. It’s also easier to play in a team with friends on the way to school, for example, says Wang.
  4. “On the road, you just get out your smartphone and have a little LAN party with your friends,” Wang says.

E-Sport came later

“At Vainglory, we left the e-sports aspect completely out of the equation. We just wanted to create a good game for the road,” Wang says in retrospect. But people would have suddenly started to record their game with a normal camera and upload it to Youtube. “We didn’t expect that. Nor that people suddenly organized small tournaments within the circle of friends.”

The developers liked the idea of a mobile e-sports scene. They added a Spectator mode to the game and started a small e-sports league in Germany that was very well received by the Vainglory community. A player who has been in the league since the beginning plays for Team SK Gaming. Arthur “Medic” Gentil played Vainglory only to relax from his medical studies. Since September 2015, he has been a full-time e-sports professional, the first of the scene. “When I first played the game, I was immediately thrilled. It played super intuitive,” he said in an interview with He hadn’t played another Moba before, like many Vainglory players.

The German player Alican “Greatkhali” Üzüm, who plays for the Mousesports team, had a similar situation. He had never owned a PC before. “I played mostly on my smartphone. That simply possesses as well as everyone, a PC against it not. I think that’s the reason why the game is so successful even among young people,” said the young e-athlete in an interview with With his 16 years he is not the youngest participant of the tournament, this is his British teammate Benedict “Mrkcool” Ward, who is only 13 years old.

Many young players

Vainglory has a very young player base, explains Q Wang.

“It’s just a generation thing. Children and teenagers don’t play on their PCs, they play on their smartphones. The developers profited a lot from the target group. “The young players are very creative when it comes to new tactics.


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Crypto Casinos – these factors are important

Casino games were long considered a luxury, the nearest casino was often miles away. After a hard day’s work, there was only the possibility to play a little at the slot machine in the pub around the corner to switch off. Rapid technological development has made it possible for anyone to enjoy it after work – in the online casino at home.

Once an account has been created, there is no stopping: the gaming pleasure can begin immediately. However, for many the initial euphoria quickly subsides again because it gets boring or perhaps because the hoped for winnings fail to materialize or because the payout of a win does not take place. With a bit of vigilance in choosing the casino, players can easily distinguish serious from dubious providers.

Bonus payments in reputable casinos

  1. Serious casinos are sometimes already recognizable by the bonus payments. Of course, there is no casino that exclusively makes gifts. Nevertheless, reputable providers do not offer exaggerated bonus offers just to win new customers. Also the bonus conditions are so arranged that they are fulfillable for a normal player.
  2. Exaggerated conditions are not very trustworthy. There are even online casinos that offer bonus payments that are not linked to a deposit. Thus players can test completely free of charge and witthout obligation the plays and see whether playing with the different possibilities makes fun.
  3. In addition arranged a resuming list, which gives an overview of the Casinos, which offer bonus plays without deposit.
  4.

Unrealistic Bonus Conditions

Caution is advised when a casino generously distributes bonuses that are subject to conditions that no one can reach or that are at utopian heights. The bonus terms should be easily accessible under normal gaming conditions. Serious casinos want to keep their customers or win new customers – with bonus programs. Since they have nothing to give away, however, several thousand euros appear unrealistic and dubious as a bonus.

Customer service in a reputable online casino

Customer friendliness is a big plus in a casino. Ideally, customer service can be reached in various ways, for example by chat message, e-mail or telephone. In the process, employees who can be reached around the clock process customer enquiries quickly. If players have to wait a week for an answer to a request and may therefore not be able to continue playing their favorite game, this can be very frustrating.

The choice of payment options

In a good casino there is not only one way to process payments. Deposit fees should not be charged, payouts should be processed quickly by the operator. However, the first payout should not be made until the identity of the player has been conscientiously verified. After all, the money should not go to an unauthorized third party. As soon as the casino can show Paypal as a payment provider, it is pretty sure serious. Paypal cannot afford to cooperate with dubious providers. Therefore, the payment provider takes great care that the casinos have not only the European casino license, but also the license from Germany, which is issued by the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Nevertheless Paypal has lifted its buyer protection for online casinos.

The casino license should be naturally present

In addition to the licence from Schleswig-Holstein, the gambling licence from Malta or another EU member state is also a good option. EU law, which is above national laws, also applies there. Further details to the license from Schleswig-Holstein are to be found on the side Casinos, which can show an appropriate license, are thoroughly examined, so that the player can trust in their respectability. In order to check whether the license was actually granted, players can check this on the side of the issuing authority. Serious providers have linked the proof of their license and its validity on their website, so that players can easily check the correctness of the information. If everything is in order here, no player has to fear for the payment of his money. This is because the money in a licensed casino is not transferred to private accounts, but to the business account of the casino.

Online Casino Privacy Policy

As an online casino, there are of course a number of important points to consider when it comes to data protection. This is then stated accordingly in the data protection conditions, sometimes also called Privacy Policy. New players should definitely read this policy in order to understand what the provider does with the entered data and how the data is stored. A reputable casino usually encrypts the data. After all, no customer wants to be overwhelmed with spam after logging into an online casino. Exactly for this reason good casinos do not make the customer data available to third party providers. This is also expressly stated in the data protection guidelines, which must of course comply with applicable EU law. The exact rules for this can be found in the new basic data protection regulation at

Games where players can only lose

  • An online casino is a game of chance just like a real casino. Sometimes it just doesn’t work with winning because the player has a losing streak. But every losing streak comes to an end at some point. If, however, games are always lost over a long period of time, the suspicion of manipulation on the part of the provider can be strengthened.
  • This is especially the case when it is a matter of a longer period of time, not just a few hours or a day.
  • This suspicion can be substantiated by a few rounds of roulette. Because with Roulette plays there is a 50-50-Chance on a profit. The zero remains thereby disregarded. Who sets thus several rounds on red, approximately half of the plays should win. High deviations, if for example 75 percent black falls, are suspicious.
  • With a licensed casino the players can report such cases to the gambling authority, which examines then the correctness. If a casino is unlicensed, the player can only hope to get his money back. However, this is not always the case.
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Halo Wars 2 Review

In the test Halo Wars 2 impresses with an elaborate campaign and bombastic tank battles. We check if that’s enough to follow in the footsteps of Command & Conquer. Halo Wars is a rude mess of our carefully constructed world view. Real-time strategy, as the custom goes, has its home on the PC. If it ever wanders on consoles, as it did on Nintendo 64 or Playstation 2 back then – yes, there really was! – then as a peculiar curiosity, quickly forgotten by historiography. You can already bet with bitcoin on Halo here.

Great on consoles – and on the PC?

At its heart, Halo Wars 2 is such a classic real-time strategy game that it could be PC-based: Build bases, collect resources, unlock upgrades, and then rush a horde of tanks at your opponent! But you can tell the game’s console origin by some decisive compromises. First and foremost, we only raise our bases at fixed points instead of building freely. And the armies are generally somewhat smaller than PC veterans are used to.

  • On the other hand: Even the mouse strategist can have fun with games that are not as fast as Starcraft or as complex as
  • Halo Wars 2 is an RTS for all who have their brightest pleasure in it. Halo Wars 2 is an RTS for those who enjoy ramming futuristic combat gear into each other in bombastic battles.
  • And while thinking about clever troop composition, skillful maneuvers, and the right time for a supportive orbital strike, you may not have to micromanage every single unit to the second.

So Halo Wars 2 is also a game for PC strategists! However, the porting has its quirks. Although Halo Wars 2, unlike its predecessor, knows PC standards like control groups, the fact that clicking on a barracks immediately pops up a huge unit circle menu and unnecessarily swallows half the screen – that stinks of gamepad control.

We are allowed to assign keys freely, but this is done via a terribly confusing and cumbersome menu. But Halo Wars 2 also looks first-class on the PC and ran without difficulties on our test computer even in the most spectacular battle turmoil.

Wake up!

And where we are at the moment spectacular: We can hardly better describe the render videos in the solo campaign. We start with Captain Cutter, his spaceship Spirit and Fire and an absolutely miserable day. After the first Halo Wars, the crew has the whole remaining fails, awakes thirty years later from cryo-sleep – and is promptly hit on the nose by a new enemy.

And it’s a great staging! How our soldiers sneak through a destroyed research facility, suddenly atriox rises from the shadows in front of them and mercilessly mows them down, that wouldn’t have been out of place on a cinema screen – or at least in a blizzard game! Such spectacular staging is the absolute exception today in real-time strategy.

Halo Wars 2 is also never more than action cinema with brave marines and bloodthirsty aliens. The characters don’t grow beyond these classic roles: half of the campaign we don’t know exactly what Atriox actually wants. It’s enough that he’s an evil scoundrel and needs to be stopped urgently!

And if you don’t already know the main characters from the first Halo Wars or if you love the universe, you won’t really like the boys and girls of the Spirit of Fire either. Even if you don’t have to know the Halo background story by heart to understand Halo Wars 2. It proves to be a clever trick to introduce a new rogue without ballast.

Read more:

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Volleyball Bitcoin Betting – Advice and General Tips

Bitccoin Betting on volleyball: Volleyball betting is very important for online bookmakers. The ball hunters on the net undoubtedly belong to the extended mainstream offering. The popularity of volleyball in general is also quite high, especially in popular sports. The top teams in this country can already attract a few thousand spectators into the halls. Of course, the World and European Championships enjoy special attention, although Germany has been less successful here in recent years. In the following guide we are a little immersed in the volleyball offer of the bookmakers and would like to give you at the same time some general betting tips on the way.

Volleyball sports betting: Volleyball rules briefly explained as an introduction

If you want to bet on volleyball, you should of course understand the rules of the game. In volleyball, two teams face each other and generally play on three winning sets. While in the past only points were awarded on your own serve, every rally is now rewarded with a counter. In the slight advantage here is always the defending team, since this can start the first attack, provided that the ball acceptance is reasonably orderly. A set is finished as soon as a team has scored 25 points. However, the rule is that there must be a point interval of at least two points.

If there is a 2:2 draw after four sets, the decisive tiebreak continues. This is not played on 25, but only on 15 winning points.
Before the volleyball bet: The best websites about volleyball with statistics and results. The best online betting providers have very extensive result portals in the statistics sections on the websites, which also completely cover volleyball. The tables and the form curves can already be read out very well by the bookmakers. Betting enthusiasts who want to enrich their betting ideas with the latest news should visit the relevant specialist portals. Recommended volleyball sites are for example:

Here is a website recommended if you want to bet on volleyball games with Bitcoin.

Here you can check out the events and teams: (International Volleyball Federation) (German League)

Most popular volleyball competitions in Germany

What volleyball bets can you place with the bookmakers? In Germany, volleyball is of course dominated by the men’s and women’s Bundesliga. After the main round, the champions are played out in the playoffs, comparable to ice hockey. Current title winners are the Berlin Recycling Volleys for men and the Dresdner SC for women.

A special spectacle in the local volleyball circus is also the DVV Cup. The final matches of the men and women always take place on one day. In recent years, the title winners have been determined in the Gerry Weber Arena in Halle.

In 2015, 10,500 spectators watched the final matches in front of a sold-out crowd. The cups this year went to VfB Friedrichshafen (men) and Allianz MTV Stuttgart (women). Starting next season, the cup event will be held in the SAP Arena in Mannheim.

Which international volleyball competitions are particularly popular?

What can you bet on in volleyball? Volleyball has developed into an absolute professional sport in recent years. While the World and European Championships used to take place only once every few years, the international competitions have now been expanded considerably – to the delight of the fans. Of course, the World and European Championships still rank first in terms of value, but there is a lot more:

  • World League: In the men’s World League, the best 32 nations face each other. The game is played in eight groups of four, which are regionally adapted. Afterwards, the K.O. rounds will continue.
  • World Grand Prix: The match series is the counterpart to the World League and is played by the women’s national teams. In the highest class, Group A, 12 teams are currently fighting for the title.
  • World Cup: The men’s World Cup is played every four years and is also considered a qualification for the Olympics.
  • Mens Club World Championship: The best club teams in the world meet for the final round tournament.
  • Womens Club World Championship: This is the identical final tournament for women only.
  • World Grand Champion Cup: The most prestigious women’s country tournament is played every four years.

All these competitions are held on a global level. In addition, there are the following important volleyball highlights in Europe:

  • Europa League: The competition is organised for the men’s and women’s national teams and takes place directly below the World League as a qualification competition.
  • Champions League: The highest European club league is for men and women.
  • CEV Cup: The European Cup is comparable to the former Cup of Cup Winners in football.
  • CEV Challenger League: This is the third international competition for club teams which is comparable to the Europa League in football.

Which betting providers have volleyball sports betting in their portfolio?

If you want to bet on volleyball, you are basically right everywhere: Every online bookmaker has volleyball bets in his portfolio. This type of sport is an absolute standard among betting providers. In addition to the international leagues, the bookies naturally also quote the national championships. Priority is given to Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Turkey and of course Germany. But also the leagues in Brazil or Qatar must not be missing. As a rule, the women’s and men’s championships are treated equally by the online providers.

How high are the volleyball odds and who offers the best volleyball odds?

The odds for volleyball can be regarded as average overall. In a balanced match, the odds range between 1.8 and 2.0. However, if there is a clear favourite on the floor, the odds drop very quickly. Betting on the top teams is rarely worth it.

In the following we have compared the offers of five top bookmakers. We chose the playoff match between Istanbul BBSK and Besiktas Istanbul. You can see the volleyball odds structure very well.

Which volleyball betting variants are also recommended?

In addition to the normal win bet, the betting providers have some additional lucrative options in their portfolio. The most important betting options in volleyball are as follows:

Double result, consisting of first set and final result
Exact result of the individual sentences
Total number of points in match or set as number or as over/under version
Handicaps on the points
Does a record go into the extension?
Correct record result
Play or set points even/odd
Can I bet on the 2nd Volleyball League in Germany?

No. As far as we know, the second German Volleyball League is not offered by any betting provider. The bookmakers in the national area generally concentrate only on the top competitions, there are usually no volleyball bets offered for underclass leagues.

Nevertheless, volleyball fans should not despair. All in all, the bookmakers have a very extensive range of bets on favourite sports at their disposal – this is also due to the extreme diversity of competition and club and national team activities. In addition, there are numerous quotas in the junior sector, for example at the Junior World and European Championships.

Are there bookmakers with live volleyball bets on offer?

Yes, the best bookmakers all offer volleyball betting live without exception. As a rule, bets can be placed on the set and match winners as well as on the exact number of points played.

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Roulette Rules For Crypto Betting Explained

Here you’ll find the roulette rules explained simply, many helpful tips for beginners and pros, and a roulette odds calculator. You can also get a great real money bonus.

Roulette is a so-called one-party gambling game. It is a very exciting and entertaining way of spending your free time – and with a little luck, experience and the right way to play, a player can make handsome profits.

The most important Roulette rules

Roulette Rule : Learn the Roulette Rules – Only those who know the rules can use them to their advantage. Roulette is more than its reputation. With the right strategy, you can experience exciting times – in the casino or even from home.

Roulette rule : Set yourself a limit! – Very important! We at the gambling school want you to talk. Set a limit from the beginning. Once the limit is reached, it should be over. Try not to chase after lost money.
Roulette Rule : Enjoy the game!

Roulette basic knowledge: In Roulette, a ball is thrown into the so-called “wheel”, which finally draws a number from the row of numbers 0 to 36. For each of the 37 numbers, the probability that the ball will fall on it is the same. Mathematicians therefore call roulette a “random attempt with 37 equally probable exits”.

The Roulette Rules Simply Explained

In Roulette, you bet on which number in the wheel the ball will fall on. The first announcement: “Faites vos jeux!” – Make your game! Place your chips on the squares of the tableau that you think will bring you luck. Either you place the chips yourself, or you ask the croupier or croupiere to do so. Bet on subsets of the number series from 0 to 36.

The cauldron spins: If the croupier or the croupiere has the impression that a sufficient number of bets have been placed, the cauldron is set in motion and the ball is thrown into it. The last bets can still be placed.

Were your predictions right or wrong: All bets that weren’t correct will be lost. Now all the chips are taken from the tableau and a new round begins. New game – new luck! If you want to gamble with bitcoin visit

The last announcement:Rien ne va plus!” – Nothing works anymore! From now on no more bets may be placed or changes made. Now it gets really exciting: The ball rolls, hits one of the diamond obstacles (so-called cuvettes) at some point and falls on the row of numbers at the bottom of the kettle. There it stumbles briefly over a few numbers until it finally remains in a compartment. If the ball falls on one of the numbers or combinations you bet on, you win a multiple of your bet.

Roulette Tips for the First Rounds

Bet only small amounts at first.

The simple chances offer the perfect opportunity to develop a feeling for the game.
In addition, the probability of winning is almost 50%.

Just play, strategies come later!

  • Don’t lose everything! Set a limit and stop when it’s at its best!
  • A good run of luck is often shorter than you think…
  • If things don’t go well, take a break first or stop altogether. Don’t try to run after lost missions under any circumstances.
  • That usually goes wrong.

Roulette Bets

  • Before each game you bet on certain numbers by placing your bet(s) on the table (the tableau).
  • Depending on where you place your bet on the table, you define which number(s) you bet on.
  • The meaning of each bet can be seen in the Roulette payout table “Roulette bets”.
  • By the way, at StarGames you can now play Ra Roulette, a great live Roulette expansion from the Novoline classic Book of Ra. Find out all about this game here: Book of Ra.

Winning and losing at Zéro

If the number 0 (Zéro) appears, you do not lose all your bets on the simple chances, but only half. However, you also have the option of placing your bets “En prison”.

Note: This rule only applies to the bets on the simple chances.

An example: You bet on red, the croupier throws the ball, he makes his announcements and the ball remains in the pocket of zero. All bets lose except those on the simple odds, so also your bet on red. These bets are now blocked. If the ball falls to red on the next roll, your bet is released and the chance of winning Roulette is there again.

The bets on the other odds are lost – unless, of course, you bet on Zéro.

Roulette strategies at a glance

As with any game of chance, there are plenty of legends about tricks and strategies. But what is important is the following fact: Roulette is based on chance!

One thing is clear: even the best strategy can’t protect you from a losing streak! That’s why we at the gambling school have some hints for you, which you should take to heart before you risk your money with a strategy.

Golden Roulette Rule Number 1:

Stay relaxed! Playing roulette should be fun. And this fun should last longer than 5 minutes if possible. This means that you should avoid betting all your money directly on a number. James Bond can do that. The black 17…. His number… And then a martini, shaken… But you’re not James Bond! Who wants to have a little longer fun, should bet smaller amounts.

Golden Roulette Rule Number 2:

First bet small amounts on the simple odds. With the simple odds, your chance of winning is almost 50%. The small but fine bank advantage is explained by the zero. No matter. We forget the zero times. We forget the zero for a moment. The simple chances (betting on red/black, even/odd or high/low) can give you simple winnings and on top of that you get to know the game, you can reduce your nervousness and get to know the online casino without pain. In any case use the offered bonus. Because the higher your starting capital, the higher your chances of a nice win! However, read the bonus rules, because in many casinos roulette is excluded in it.

Golden Roulette Rule Number 3:

Don’t chase after your losses! Everyone loses once. But where you lose, you win again, but maybe not immediately. Be careful with your capital! If you’re new to playing roulette online, get used to the game before betting on single numbers. If you want to make a profit, play quietly and carefully. Roulette is always about chance. It’s not like poker where I’m practically unbeatable with four aces… Every round of roulette is a new adventure and as the ball rolls in the wheel, all the cards are shuffled!

Playing roulette online is fun, exciting and can give you an exciting time. Let this time last a long time. Small bets, easy chances at the beginning. As your capital increases, you can also re-evaluate the risk and possibly consult one of the following roulette strategies.

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