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Binance – One Of The Best Exchanges?

Binance is becoming more and more popular. That’s not surprising. Here you have a simple platform with the best-known coins and low fees. Also positive is the app, which differs from the usual PC platform only in very few points. Whether Binance makes the difference or you log on to another platform is up to you. To make the decision easier, you can see the comprehensive test report on Binance vs Bitmex here:

One of the major crypto exchange platforms is called Binance. Here you can purchase a wide variety of digital coins. The range also includes smaller cryptic coins and thus sets itself apart from other exchange platforms on the Internet. As Binance is spoken in German, an analysis of the offer is certainly worthwhile in order to be able to examine the basic characteristics of the platform. Interested users can thus obtain a suitable overview and useful information on the topics of securities, payment methods, existing currencies and other characteristics.

Security is not neglected

The issue of security should be a top priority, especially for online file-sharing sites using Internet currencies. After all, we are dealing here with partially unregulated companies that rely on completely new systems. A comprehensive binance test must therefore also examine the existing precautions here. Accordingly, it is certainly worthwhile to first go into the company’s security instructions.

When you register, you should notice that you can connect your Google Account to your personal account. This helps you to make the login to the platform even more secure. Finally, additional authentication is required to gain access to the account. At first this sounds like a very simple step, but it can have a significant impact on the protection of data and assets.

  • The platform itself provides some essential hints on how to protect yourself. Four basic tips are mentioned. These also seem very logical at first, but there are always cases where users do not take these tips to heart and blindly trust supposedly helping hands. At no time should you pass on your password to anyone.
  • After all, this is highly sensitive data that can provide access to the account and thus to all cryptic assets. In the past, it has also happened that supposed Binance employees wanted to gain direct access to users. On dubious websites, you are sometimes asked to call any telephone numbers.
  • This should also be avoided under all circumstances. Especially, one should not come up with the idea of responding to any requests from alleged employees of the Group that money should be sent from the personal Binance Wallet to the Group. These are fraudulent intentions on the part of criminal actors. If you want to deposit money on Binance, you do so only through official channels.

You can proceed proactively by using Google’s two factor verification. Fortunately, this is supported by Binance. Depending on which end devices you own and want to use for trading, you also have to install talking virus programs. An up-to-date check should be carried out before logging in to rule out any threats.

What has now become understandable for many users for PC use should not be neglected for mobile applications either. All too often, users of apps forget to provide the important security through current programs. In order to protect yourself against malware, however, you should make use of the possibilities offered by the various marketplaces.

Only when these basic prerequisites have been met can one calmly start using the marketplaces. All in all, you should follow your attentive and logical expertise in order to complete your desired transactions safely and without any problems.

Simple verification and different payment methods

The Binance Exchange uses one of the largest companies on the planet to offer even more secure login and authentication. The so-called two factors authentication by Google ensures that the account is protected by an additional level of security.

Ultimately, the user does not need more than a smartphone for this, which is connected to the Google account. In addition to the regular login data, not only the normal password and user name are requested during the Binance login or registration, but also a special code that is sent to the mobile device. You must therefore have all the information you need to access the account.

  • This simple step means only a small extra effort, but is of blatant importance for the protection of personal assets. In order to activate this additional protection, click on the field in the appropriate area during registration. In the first step, the so-called Google Authenticator must then be loaded onto the mobile device. This can be done with iOS devices as well as with Android smartphones and tablets.
  • You will also be asked to scan the QA code, which you can then view on the platform. To complete the scan, you have to use the downloaded application. But you can also decide to enter the 16-digit key manually. Here it depends on the preferences of the user. In the personal area you can then create an account with special names for the Binance connection.
  • You will also receive your personal 16-digit key, which must be stored securely. This should not only be done digitally on the smartphone, as it can happen that it is stolen or lost. But to get access to the verification again, you need this key. If you have taken care of all the security precautions and, ideally, have also taken care of the Google verification, then you can deal with the payment methods of the platform.

To do this, you first log in and can then deposit money on Binance. You will find a button called “Deposit” in the menu. You can choose which coins you want to transfer to the platform. You will then be shown the corresponding Binance deposit address to which the tokens must be sent.

If a memo is required, it will be displayed directly on the platform. At this point, an extremely important note about the platform itself is permitted. The platform is a pure crypto currency exchange platform. Real currencies do not find a place here. In this respect, trading actually only happens if you already have other digital coins at your disposal.

Dollar or Euro cannot be exchanged for Internet currencies at this point. If you want to get more information about the offer, you can contact the support or do a short research on the platform itself. Here a step-by-step guide is provided on how to purchase the different crypto currencies in detail.

Numerous crypto currencies on offer

Binance is characterized by an extremely interesting characteristic. This is a pure crypto exchange. The purchase and sale of real currencies is not even possible here.

In order to gain access to the marketplace, you need one or the other digital currency. 52 different crypto currencies can be found on the platform and the value can be displayed in US dollars as well as in Chinese renminbi.

So you can estimate at any time, how the values develop permanently. In the first place stands the popular Bitcoin. It is the most expensive cryptic currency, but also the most widespread. Therefore, it is only logical that this coin is one of the most traded coins on Binance.

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Leverage – A Controversial Issue Among Traders

With the leverage effect, you can move a lot more money than you have deposited in the margin.

Leverage is a controversial issue among foreign exchange and cryptocurrency traders. In 2018, ESMA drastically reduced the leverage for the classic retail trader with its new regulatory rules while Deribit, a Bitcoin broker, increased the leverage up to one hundred. For some, leverage is a blessing, for others a curse. However, when used correctly by a professional, it can be an adequate way to get the most out of your trades with a minimum of risk.

Some traders may know the term leverage from derivatives trading. Also in the Federal Government they speak more frequently of “leveraging” certain investment packages for the euro zone, which in this case means nothing else than that the taxpayer as guarantor for credits steps in, in order to guarantee a certain sum, which is by far higher than the actually deposited money amount.

Bitcoin margin tradingTrading beginners are advised not to “leverage” their trades immediately, even if a leverage of 1:20 or 1:100 seems tempting at first glance. Profitable traders, for example, can generate an extremely high return with a leverage of 1:100, as is possible on BitMEX or Deribit with little capital investment. For beginners and inexperienced traders, however, such a lever is very dangerous. Here on there is a comprehensive list of the cryptocurrency brokers that allow margin trading.

A total loss is as good as certain, especially with very small accounts. Basically, leverage is nothing more than a broker’s trading credit. For many brokers, the leverage varies from instrument to instrument. While with the Forex broker eToro, for example, we get a leverage of 1:400 on the EURUSD, they only grant a leverage of 1:6 on the Bitcoin. This happens for reasons of risk diversification, to which the broker must also submit.

A high leverage therefore also means a high risk for the broker, as he has to finance the positions with borrowed funds. Financial instruments such as the Bitcoin, for which Futures have only recently been available, represent a higher risk for the broker, as it is difficult for him to hedge on the primary market.

High Leverage

In general, 2018 has not been a pleasant year for traders. Not only regulators and taxes make life difficult for traders and trading coaches, but also the completely absurd DSGVO, according to which basically every self-employed person now stands with one leg in prison. The over-regulation mania of the EU currently knows no borders, so that many are thinking of leaving the EU. Leverage reduction is still the lesser evil, because there are simple alternatives. Which many trading beginners also do not want to admit:

Of course there are still micro- and mini lots, so that you can learn and practice trading with a small account and a reasonable risk of 1 – 3% per trade. Only the gigantically leveraged gambler trades don’t really work with a leverage of 1:30 anymore. If you still want to trade a high leverage, you can do the following:

You can take the opportunity to switch to an account on BitMEX. There you can trade with a small amount of $5 or $10 to practice margin trading without the risk of a big loss as a beginner.That way you get an account with a non-European broker: The ESMA regulation only applies within the EU. If you open an account with a broker outside the EU, you are not subject to ESMA regulation. But beware: some offshore brokers engage in dubious business practices and you do not enjoy any legal certainty if the broker is registered in the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas. Whether such a broker pays out the earned money in the end is always a stroke of luck.

Also read the ESMA discussion on the forum.

Leverage in Certificate Trading

On the stock exchange, we are also familiar with the leverage effect in certificate trading or in options trading. Below is an example:


We buy a leverage certificate, for example a factor certificate on the German DAX share index. Since we are betting on rising prices, we buy a long certificate. If we were to speculate on falling prices, a short certificate would be our choice. To multiply our profits, issuers offer certificates with different levers, mostly with a leverage of two, four, six, or eight, depending on the trader’s risk affinity or aversion. So if we buy a long certificate with a factor of eight on the DAX and the Index actually rises by three percent the next day, we have not only made 3% profit with our certificate, but 24% (3 x 8).

A certificate that we bought the day before for 10 USD would therefore already have a value of 12.40 USD at the end of the next day and not just 10.30 USD, as with an unleveraged note. However, if the price runs against us and the DAX loses 3% contrary to our expectations, we have to accept a 24% discount on the certificate with a leverage of 8%.


In contrast to stock trading, no payment is due as soon as the forward contract is entered into. Not yet. However, in order to ensure that the trader can meet the obligation arising from the contractual relationship of the futures, he deposits a small security deposit, the margin. This means that the trader does not have to raise the entire sum for the speculation, but only a small part of it. If the position falls below the margin provided during trading, it is automatically closed by the broker. With futures brokers, this process is usually associated with a fee. The famous margin call is then reached.

In the past, when trading was even more frequent by phone than by internet, a call from the broker came at this moment with the request for additional payment, since otherwise the account is closed and all positions are closed. This ensures that the trader is not in debt and that there are no additional payment obligations. While the so-called margin call obligation for the retail trader in the Forex and CFD area was recently lifted by ESMA and BaFin (i.e. the account can fall to a maximum of zero), it still exists in futures trading!

If, for example, the trader is positioned long in an index and the prices suddenly crash due to a political event (e.g. terrorist attack, war, etc.), there are limit ups or downs, trading is suspended for a few days and only opens a thousand points lower a few days later, then exorbitant losses can occur for the futures trader, which are no longer covered by the margin. The StopLoss has no effect in this case, as it is only executed again at the next available price. The advantage of the crypto market in that case is that they are usually open 24/7, so trading platforms like BitMEX or Deribit should never be closed for several days due to any event.

As long as the Forex market is closed, however, there are no available prices. The trader then has to shoot at the broker, so to speak, until his account is back to zero. In such an, albeit rare, emergency, the trader is well advised to hedge in a closely correlated market in the event of such an event. In the case of a terrorist attack in the USA and a simultaneous long position in a US index, if trading is closed, a short position in the DAX or another small cap index would be offered, for example, to compensate for the losses – provided that this exchange is still open. Every trader is well advised to draw up such an “emergency plan” before entering into real money trading with large sums of money. In such situations, the trader must become creative and, if necessary, switch to other products in order to hedge against losses on the futures market, for example with short certificates from an issuer (e.g. a bank).

Foreign Exchange Leverage

stock exchangeThe leverage system is also used in private foreign exchange trading in order not to endanger the financial integrity of the trader. In order to participate in Forex trading as a retail trader, you do not have to transfer the entire amount of the traded amount to the broker’s account. It is therefore sufficient to have a fraction of it (the margin or initial deposit required by the broker) on the account. However, the required deposit in forex trading is usually much lower than in futures and options trading.

This is why foreign exchange trading has become so popular with small investors. The advantage of this is that the loss is limited to the initial deposit (usually between 25 and 1000 dollars or euros), while at the same time you have almost infinite chances of winning. For example, you can move 400 times your stake with a lever of 1:400! If the price ever falls below the amount covered by the minimum deposit, the Forex broker automatically closes the trade, currently at 50% of the required margin for the trade.

Experienced traders know, however, that to maximize profit, at least if you want to make a living from trading, you should go higher. Because it is always necessary to survive a longer draw down which only works if the account is sufficiently covered with capital. Sufficient start capital of a seriously ambitious trader career would be a minimum of 10k USD, better still 20k USD. In all other cases, in which the account is undercapitalized with a few hundred USD, you are usually taken out of the trade too early by the Stop Loss and make continuous losses. Therefore as a beginner you should save rather a few months and practice with the demo account, in order to enter then directly with 1000 euro, instead of burning 10 times 100 euro unnecessarily.


Many Forex brokers require a security deposit of between one and four percent of the traded amount. For a standard lot (consisting of 100,000 units of one currency) the margin is 1000 to 4000 units of the base currency. You should not forget that with a standard lot in EURUSD each pip (the 4th decimal place of a rate) amounts to as much as 10 USD! So small price movements are sufficient to erase such an undercapitalized or leveraged account if you are wrongly positioned and the price runs against you.

For a so-called mini lot, which some brokers have on offer and which is often noticed by beginners (10000 units of the base currency), it is only 100 to 400 units of the base currency. In order to hold positions over the weekend, some brokers require a higher margin, as there is little liquidity in the forex market at this time and therefore a higher risk. When trading from a small lot, the value per pip is only 1 USD. For beginners with small accounts, it is best to start trading micro lots. There the value of a pip is only 10 cents and thus allows an appropriate risk and money management for small accounts.

In order to move 100,000 units of a currency as a private trader on the foreign exchange market, you only need an account balance of at least 1,000 units of the base currency, for example 1000 euros, with a margin of one percent (usually specified as 1:100). From August 2018, it will be 3,333 euros for 1 lot in EURUSD for retail customers. Nothing will change for professionals. This amount is transferred from Trader to the Broker’s account by bank transfer or Paypal when the account is opened, the Broker tops up the rest. This effect is then referred to as the leverage effect.

With only 1.000 USD on the account, 100.000 USD can be moved in the forex market in this example, i.e. one hundred times the amount actually deposited!

To learn more about lots also read this article on the


The leverage effect is best illustrated by a small example: Assuming that a trader deposits only the minimum deposit (1%) of the traded amount. If he trades a standard lot (100,000 units of the base currency, or 100,000 USD for a trade in USD/EUR), he only needs an account balance of 1,000 USD. These 1,000 USD are now constantly offset against the profits and losses from the 100,000 USD position. If the trader enters a long trade in USDEUR and makes a profit of 40 pips, he can be happy about 400 USD, i.e. 40% yield. However, if he is wrong with his assessment, his account will be reduced by 40%. His new account balance then amounts to only 600 USD.

Depending on the exchange rate, a movement of one percent in the exchange rate is often enough to double the account – or to destroy it completely. Therefore a trader should speculate only with money, which he can afford to lose and an appropriate position size select. Whole lots should only be traded by professionals with very large accounts, especially as financing costs such as spreads, commissions and swap fees are to be expected.

In order to avoid the total loss of the invested capital, you should definitely set a stop loss that closes the position if the trade does not run in the desired direction and only risk 1 or 2% of your capital for a trade at all. Alternatively, you can hedge the position, i.e. open a trade in the opposite direction. With this strategy you can increase your margin and at the same time make a profit with the counter-movement. Of course, you have to close the hedged position in time as soon as the trade is back in the desired direction.

Another Example For Illustration

With an account of 25 USD a position over 100 USD is entered. This means that 100 USD is traded in the market and 25 USD is deposited in the account as security. If the traded position is now revalued by 25 USD, this corresponds to a gain of 25 percent. Since there is only $25 security in the account, the account balance doubles – even though the position only moved by 25%. The same effect, however, also works the other way round: if a loss of 25% of the traded position occurs, the account would be empty. The leverage that affects the account balance is 1:4 in this example.

Security and leverage are therefore directly related. Unfortunately, many beginners in forex trading are tempted by the high profit prospects through a high leverage effect, which can be expected if the leverage is fully exploited. If the account actually has only the minimum security deposit or little more, there are in fact high percentage profit opportunities, as illustrated above. However, the same also applies to the risk, a rapid total loss is not excluded. On the other hand, the leverage also makes forex trading interesting for many, as even the “little man” with a relatively low deposit can earn a considerable fortune in a short period of time.

In fact, however, it is only possible to trade profitably in the long term by not fully exploiting the leverage and adjusting the position size to your account. Everything else runs under the heading of senseless gambling! In order not to endanger his deposit unnecessarily, the trader should keep losses small and end these trades quickly, while he lets profitable trades run long to savor the trend and leverage of. Such entries are realized with tight stops and skillful chart analysis.


Although the height of the lever can be specified when opening an account, traders have the option of “fine tuning” by selecting a lot size appropriate to their account size. You can choose between Standard Lot (100k units), Mini Lot (10k units) and Micro Lot (1000 units). In Metatrader 4 you select the pilot size in the input mask when placing an order:

Lot Size

The trader can “fine-tune” his lever by adjusting the corresponding solder size. With microlots, even beginners can learn and practice trading in the low single-digit Euro range. To open a micro lot you only need a minimum deposit of 30 USD.

As a beginner, you should make sure that you trade on small accounts with a balance of up to 1000 USD exclusively in the micro lot range (0.01 lot). With growing experience and growing account size to 2000 USD and more you can then switch to trading with mini lots to make bigger profits. If you trade with micro lots, the movement of one pip in the market corresponds to 10 Dollar Cents, per mini pilot it is 1 USD per pip and if you open a whole lot, each pip moves 10 USD. If a beginner with little experience in forex trading and a small account trades the whole lot, a few pips of movement are enough to eliminate the whole account.

Practical Application

These explanations about the right leverage and position sizes will be quite theoretical for the trading beginner. Therefore, the best thing to do is to set up a non-binding demo account with enough play money to get used to using different position and lot sizes. Load your play money account with 50k USD and open a position in USDEUR with 1 lot, 0.1 lot and 0.01 lot. Watch what happens when the rate moves. So you can quickly calculate your risk and see live how powerful the leverage is used in trading.

RISK WARNING: Forex, futures, Cryptocurrency and CFD trading on margin involves a high level of risk and is therefore not suitable for every investor. All leveraged financial products carry a high risk for your capital. Trading such financial products can cause you to lose your entire deposit. Before you trade, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, financial circumstances, needs, experience and expertise. The content of this website should not be construed as personal investment advice. By trading and speculating in foreign exchange, you may suffer some or all of the loss of your deposited funds and should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. Be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading.
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Has the Bitcoin course been rigged? The US Department of Justice determines

Washington is investigating whether the price of the largest cyber device has been driven up with the help of another crypto currency. The focus is on the tether coin. BTC has become very popular recently, it is widely used for gambling in online casinos and also for betting on soccer or other games.

Tether – this project started in 2014 with the promise to create stability. In contrast to crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, which fluctuate strongly in price, the value of tether is tied to the dollar, so in technical jargon it is a “stable coin”. But for months there has been accusation that leash was mainly used to manipulate the exchange rate of the bit coin.

Now the Justice Department in Washington, which is also the highest public prosecutor’s office in the USA, is intervening in the investigations, as the news agency Bloomberg reports. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (CFTC) had previously been involved in the investigation.

According to, the price for tether on Tuesday afternoon was just under 98 US cents, slightly below the target of one dollar. The value of all tether coins is quoted at just under 1.8 billion dollars. This concerns however only the circulating ?coins?, the entire inventory covers the Website with nearly 2.6 billion units of approximately in each case one dollar.

On a smaller scale, there are also tether versions for the euro and the Japanese yen. On the other hand, TruUSD is also a smaller alternative to the dollar tether.

The allegations are mainly based on a 54-page study by John Griffin and Amin Shams of the University of Texas. The authors examined the period from March 2016 to March 2018 and assessed the cash flows between different currencies as well as crypto currencies and exchanges. From their point of view, the result suggests the thesis of manipulation. Overall, the results of our research essentially suggest that price manipulation may have led to distorting effects on crypto currencies.

The two scientists have investigated two possible versions of the use of tether. One is the “pull” version: in this case, a new line would be produced to meet customer demand. And then the “push” version: in this case large quantities of leash would be produced and then actively used without prior demand. The results of the study speak for the second version.

The founders and operators of the tether system then produced massive quantities of tether for several months and bought Bitcoin. The tether volume was massively increased from mid-2017 onwards. At the same time, Bitcoin rose to a record level of around 20,000 dollars. Shortly after the Bitcoin crash, the volume of the leash then remained stable in 2018 (see chart).

So far it is unclear whether the investigations of the US judiciary will lead to concrete accusations against individuals. Again and again doubts are expressed as to whether the tether coins, as claimed by their producers, are actually underlaid one to one with dollars.

The case is also interesting because Tether is part of an international network. The so-called Paradise Papers from 2017, which were otherwise mainly subject to tax evasion, made it known that Tether and the Bitfinex crypto exchange in Hong Kong are supported by the same group of people.

DSGVO: Data protection requirements intensify

  • The DSGVO offers companies stricter guidelines on data protection and data security. The use of mobile devices by employees must also be regulated and secured in accordance with data protection regulations.
  • Bitfinex has been processing the majority of transactions in tether since 2015. The head of both companies is Jan Ludovicus van der Velde – but he has rejected all allegations of manipulation.
  • Crypto currencies: Strongest sell-off since the bankruptcy of Mt. Gox – Bitcoin crash continues

Strongest sell-out since Mt Gox bankruptcy – Bitcoin crash continues

While this possible fraud case is gaining more and more attention, the value of the entire crypto area is melting away. On Tuesday afternoon, the Bitcoin was a good $4,500, 13 percent less than 24 hours earlier.

The crypto currencies serve various purposes, but are all subject to speculation. Bitcoin was developed exclusively for payment transactions. Ethereum is the basis for a system that allows projects to be created that are controlled by algorithms. So-called ICOs, in which crypto money is raised from investors, are usually based on Ethereum. XRP, on the other hand, is a pure settlement currency of the Ripple system, which specialises exclusively in payment transactions for banks and other financial service providers.

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Buying Ethereum – these possibilities exist

After Bitcoin, Ethereum (Ether) is the crypto currency with the largest market capitalization. The Ethereum exchange rate has rallied strongly in recent months. If you jumped on the bandwagon in time, you could turn a few hundred euros into several million. But what is behind Ethereum and how can you as an investor buy Ethereum?

Ethereum is a promising crypto currency

Ethereum is a success story that has no equal. Ethereum’s share price has climbed significantly faster than Bitcoin’s since its launch. While the best known crypto currency has been around since 2009, Ethereum did not see the light of day until mid-2015.

After a somewhat sluggish start, the Ethereum share price received a strong boost in 2017: While in January 2017 there were only nine dollars for an ethereum, an ethereum a few months later already cost more than 300 US dollars – an increase of more than 3,300 percent. On some days Ethereum now has a higher trading volume than Bitcoin.

Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum is also based on blockchain technology. All transactions are written decentrally into the blockchain, so that all processes can be traced by any user at any time – this is to prevent manipulation, independent of institutional institutions.

Many experts predict a great future for Ethereum, for example Ronnie Moas, founder and analyst of Standpoint Research. According to Moas, the charts of the 20 largest crypto currencies in ten to 15 years could look exactly like the current charts of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix or Tesla. These promising prospects are arousing the interest of more and more private investors in crypto currencies. There are several ways to buy the digital currency Ethereum. In the following we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

Buy genuine Ethereum

Crypto currencies were originally the answer of computer specialists to the monetary policy of central banks. Independently of state capital controls, Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. were to be used to make anonymous payments. Payments should be made anonymously. Investors who attach particular importance to remaining anonymous should therefore invest in genuine Ethereum. The prerequisite for this is a so-called wallet.

A wallet is an electronic wallet and comparable to a current account. With a wallet you can make transfers and receive digital money. A transfer with Ethereum is basically no different from a conventional bank transfer, but you need a receiving address instead of an account number. There are hardly any fees because the digital currency is sent directly from person to person without an intermediate instance.

If you buy Ethereum from different providers, all Ethereums can be combined in one wallet. For everyday use, you can set up an Ethereum Wallet on your smartphone, but you can also store your electronic wallet on your tablet or PC.

Please note: Once you have downloaded an Ethereum Wallet and saved it on your device, you will be able to save it to your wallet.

Who would like to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, can do this also on a so-called Ethereum or Bitcoin market place. The best known German provider is Here users can trade directly crypto currencies among themselves and with each other, the price results from supply and demand. Usually the prices are so relatively favorable for market place users.

As soon as an offer of a user is accepted by another user, the business comes off. Depending on the marketplace, this process costs a small fee, which is divided equally between the buyer and seller. As a rule, this fee is lower than the fee in exchange offices.

The best known digital currency Bitcoin and Bitcoin-Cash have long been tradable on Since short also the trade with Ethereum was added – however still in the closed beta test, the trade is thus so far not accessible to each user of the platform. In order to be able to act over, investors should have an account with the Fidor bank. You should therefore take into account the time required to open an account including the video identification procedure.
Ethereum stock exchanges

There is another way to trade crypto currencies: Ethereum and Bitcoin exchanges ( Some of the best known exchanges are CEX.IO, Kraken and Bitstamp. You should note that the prices for Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. on different trading platforms differ greatly from each other.

Trading on the stock exchanges works like this: you exchange conventional currencies such as US dollars or euros for ethereum. You simply specify how many coins or tokens you want to buy or sell at which price. If the exchange finds a suitable offer, the order is executed and credited to the customer. This is comparable to trading conventional securities such as shares or ETFs. Settlement is particularly easy on CEX.IO, where investors can also pay with credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard.

Tip: In contrast to the marketplaces described above, trading on the Ethereum exchanges is automated.

The easy way: Ethereum as CFD

Do you only want to participate in the value development of Ethereum? Then you can trade relatively easily through a CFD Broker Ethereum. As with a security, with an Ethereum CFD you participate directly in the development of the Ethereum price. If the exchange rate of the Internet currency rises, the value of your Ethereum CFD also rises.

  • With an Ethereum CFD, you do not physically own the crypto currency, so you do not own any digital coins or files.
  • You can leverage your Ethereum CFD for this.
  • If you leverage the factor 30, your Ethereum CFD will rise or fall 30 times as much as the “normal” Ethereum rate. Participation in a ratio of 1:1 without leverage is of course also possible.

A big advantage of the crypto CFD is that you get your money back quickly and at any time in the event of a sale. At various Bitcoin exchanges (for example, however, there are daily payout limits. A payout of the capital can drag on there over several days. If you want to buy or sell Ethereum as a CFD, you can use eToro, for example. eToro offers credit card and PayPal deposits and transactions are executed immediately.

Of course you can also use any other CFD broker of your choice. Our CFD Broker Comparison and our Crypto Broker Comparison will help you find the right provider for you. The CFD Trading Guide will give you more information on trading CFDs.

Participate in the Ethereum course: The Ether Certificate

  1. If you want to buy crypto currencies but don’t want to open an account at a marketplace, you can also buy coins or tokens directly on the stock exchange.
  2. You can then participate in the development of digital currencies via a certificate. As with stock trading, you will need a securities custody account.
  3. A free securities custody account with excellent conditions is offered by, among others.
  4. There you can invest in Ethereum by purchasing the participation certificate from XBT.

How can you buy Ethereum offline?

Not only can you buy Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. via the Internet, you can also buy digital currencies offline for cash. Different platforms mediate meetings between private individuals, potential buyers, and traders, potential sellers, in the area. At, for example, Bitcoin investors can meet. But beware: trading is anonymous and unregulated. Select yourselves your trade partner thus completely exactly.

In the entire German-speaking area there are also regular meetings at which fans of crypto currencies exchange information about current developments and investment opportunities. Often these so-called Meetups provide opportunities to trade Ethereum, Bitcoin or one of the many other Internet currencies.

Occasionally there are even crypto automats, at which – comparable with a cigarette automat – Ethereum, Bitcoin & Co. can be “pulled”. For this you need the wallet described above, because you do not get an ethereum in physical form, for example as a coin, the digital money is rather stored in your virtual purse on the smartphone.

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Buy Monero – Real Trading Experience & Instructions

This page is about a guide to trading the crypto currency Monero. Intelligent Trading introduces you to a special guide for trading with Monero. In addition, you will learn all kinds of facts about the crypto currency and how to buy and sell it at the lowest possible price.

What is behind the crypto currency Monero?

Like the Bitcoin, Monero is a decentralized crypto currency, but it attaches more importance to user anonymity and decentralization. The coin was programmed from scratch and therefore refers to its own code. This is an advantage over other crypto currencies that are written similarly to the Bitcoin. Monero has up to 12 decimal places and is managed by the CryptoNight algorithm.

The privacy of the users is so protected that all incoming and outgoing payments on the blockchain are not publicly visible. A special key is required for this. If you want to learn to trade cryptos, this: is a must read.

Regulates and licenses the crypto currency Monero buy and sell

Intelligent Trading introduces the European Broker IQ Option to you on this page. With this company you can buy very cheap crypto currencies without much effort. This also includes Monero. The Broker IQ option is regulated and offers you an account opening with a minimum deposit of 10€.

  • You can invest in Monero with a stake of 1€ or more. The trading platform can also be tested in the free demo account. IQ Option currently offers over 12 crypto currencies for trading, more will follow.
  • You don’t need a special wallet, because the account currency is converted directly into the crypto currency. Now you can even invest in Monero’s falling prices. Further details will be explained in the course of this page.

Fast deposit and withdrawal for Monero trading

IQ Option offers you many methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. A deposit can be completed in a few seconds. Use credit card, instant bank transfer, bank transfer or other online payment providers. You do not pay any fees for your transactions. From my experience, a withdrawal is processed in a few hours. Verify your account for optimal processing of all payments.

Open an account for Monero Trading

You can open an account with IQ Option using the left panel. Enter your email address and choose a secure password. You will then receive a confirmation email. Further data must then be entered on the IQ Option homepage. Verify your account with an identity card and a proof of residence. The verification usually only takes a few hours. The minimum deposit is 10€, but you can also use the trading platform in a free demo account.

Innovative software for Monero

IQ Option offers you a very good trading platform for trading with Monero. You can analyze the chart in different time units and open and close positions in a few milliseconds. Technical drawing tools or indicators can also be inserted. The trading platform is available for the computer and for the smartphone.

Thus the portfolio can be checked at any time. In the picture above you can see a section of the trading software. It has a very user-friendly structure. In case of problems or questions you can easily contact the support.

With IQ Option you get 24/7 support via chat, phone or email. Each account is also assigned its own account manager. For larger deposits starting from 3000€ IQ Option offers an extra VIP support.

The final conclusion to the Monero buy and trade

Intelligent Trading recommends that you trade Kyptow Currencies with IQ Option. The broker offers a customer the possibility to access crypto currencies without much effort. For this he only charges minimal fees. With IQ Option you get a very good trading platform, support and chance to invest in crypto currencies.

Trade now even falling prices at Monero without wallet. The minimum deposit is only 10€ and of course you can also test the platform in the free demo account. Overall IQ Option offers you a very good solution for your investment. Open your account now!

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