Crypto Casinos – these factors are important

Casino games were long considered a luxury, the nearest casino was often miles away. After a hard day’s work, there was only the possibility to play a little at the slot machine in the pub around the corner to switch off. Rapid technological development has made it possible for anyone to enjoy it after work – in the online casino at home.

Once an account has been created, there is no stopping: the gaming pleasure can begin immediately. However, for many the initial euphoria quickly subsides again because it gets boring or perhaps because the hoped for winnings fail to materialize or because the payout of a win does not take place. With a bit of vigilance in choosing the casino, players can easily distinguish serious from dubious providers.

Bonus payments in reputable casinos

  1. Serious casinos are sometimes already recognizable by the bonus payments. Of course, there is no casino that exclusively makes gifts. Nevertheless, reputable providers do not offer exaggerated bonus offers just to win new customers. Also the bonus conditions are so arranged that they are fulfillable for a normal player.
  2. Exaggerated conditions are not very trustworthy. There are even online casinos that offer bonus payments that are not linked to a deposit. Thus players can test completely free of charge and witthout obligation the plays and see whether playing with the different possibilities makes fun.
  3. In addition arranged a resuming list, which gives an overview of the Casinos, which offer bonus plays without deposit.
  4.

Unrealistic Bonus Conditions

Caution is advised when a casino generously distributes bonuses that are subject to conditions that no one can reach or that are at utopian heights. The bonus terms should be easily accessible under normal gaming conditions. Serious casinos want to keep their customers or win new customers – with bonus programs. Since they have nothing to give away, however, several thousand euros appear unrealistic and dubious as a bonus.

Customer service in a reputable online casino

Customer friendliness is a big plus in a casino. Ideally, customer service can be reached in various ways, for example by chat message, e-mail or telephone. In the process, employees who can be reached around the clock process customer enquiries quickly. If players have to wait a week for an answer to a request and may therefore not be able to continue playing their favorite game, this can be very frustrating.

The choice of payment options

In a good casino there is not only one way to process payments. Deposit fees should not be charged, payouts should be processed quickly by the operator. However, the first payout should not be made until the identity of the player has been conscientiously verified. After all, the money should not go to an unauthorized third party. As soon as the casino can show Paypal as a payment provider, it is pretty sure serious. Paypal cannot afford to cooperate with dubious providers. Therefore, the payment provider takes great care that the casinos have not only the European casino license, but also the license from Germany, which is issued by the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Nevertheless Paypal has lifted its buyer protection for online casinos.

The casino license should be naturally present

In addition to the licence from Schleswig-Holstein, the gambling licence from Malta or another EU member state is also a good option. EU law, which is above national laws, also applies there. Further details to the license from Schleswig-Holstein are to be found on the side Casinos, which can show an appropriate license, are thoroughly examined, so that the player can trust in their respectability. In order to check whether the license was actually granted, players can check this on the side of the issuing authority. Serious providers have linked the proof of their license and its validity on their website, so that players can easily check the correctness of the information. If everything is in order here, no player has to fear for the payment of his money. This is because the money in a licensed casino is not transferred to private accounts, but to the business account of the casino.

Online Casino Privacy Policy

As an online casino, there are of course a number of important points to consider when it comes to data protection. This is then stated accordingly in the data protection conditions, sometimes also called Privacy Policy. New players should definitely read this policy in order to understand what the provider does with the entered data and how the data is stored. A reputable casino usually encrypts the data. After all, no customer wants to be overwhelmed with spam after logging into an online casino. Exactly for this reason good casinos do not make the customer data available to third party providers. This is also expressly stated in the data protection guidelines, which must of course comply with applicable EU law. The exact rules for this can be found in the new basic data protection regulation at

Games where players can only lose

  • An online casino is a game of chance just like a real casino. Sometimes it just doesn’t work with winning because the player has a losing streak. But every losing streak comes to an end at some point. If, however, games are always lost over a long period of time, the suspicion of manipulation on the part of the provider can be strengthened.
  • This is especially the case when it is a matter of a longer period of time, not just a few hours or a day.
  • This suspicion can be substantiated by a few rounds of roulette. Because with Roulette plays there is a 50-50-Chance on a profit. The zero remains thereby disregarded. Who sets thus several rounds on red, approximately half of the plays should win. High deviations, if for example 75 percent black falls, are suspicious.
  • With a licensed casino the players can report such cases to the gambling authority, which examines then the correctness. If a casino is unlicensed, the player can only hope to get his money back. However, this is not always the case.