Roulette Rules For Crypto Betting Explained

Here you’ll find the roulette rules explained simply, many helpful tips for beginners and pros, and a roulette odds calculator. You can also get a great real money bonus.

Roulette is a so-called one-party gambling game. It is a very exciting and entertaining way of spending your free time – and with a little luck, experience and the right way to play, a player can make handsome profits.

The most important Roulette rules

Roulette Rule : Learn the Roulette Rules – Only those who know the rules can use them to their advantage. Roulette is more than its reputation. With the right strategy, you can experience exciting times – in the casino or even from home.

Roulette rule : Set yourself a limit! – Very important! We at the gambling school want you to talk. Set a limit from the beginning. Once the limit is reached, it should be over. Try not to chase after lost money.
Roulette Rule : Enjoy the game!

Roulette basic knowledge: In Roulette, a ball is thrown into the so-called “wheel”, which finally draws a number from the row of numbers 0 to 36. For each of the 37 numbers, the probability that the ball will fall on it is the same. Mathematicians therefore call roulette a “random attempt with 37 equally probable exits”.

The Roulette Rules Simply Explained

In Roulette, you bet on which number in the wheel the ball will fall on. The first announcement: “Faites vos jeux!” – Make your game! Place your chips on the squares of the tableau that you think will bring you luck. Either you place the chips yourself, or you ask the croupier or croupiere to do so. Bet on subsets of the number series from 0 to 36.

The cauldron spins: If the croupier or the croupiere has the impression that a sufficient number of bets have been placed, the cauldron is set in motion and the ball is thrown into it. The last bets can still be placed.

Were your predictions right or wrong: All bets that weren’t correct will be lost. Now all the chips are taken from the tableau and a new round begins. New game – new luck! If you want to gamble with bitcoin visit

The last announcement:Rien ne va plus!” – Nothing works anymore! From now on no more bets may be placed or changes made. Now it gets really exciting: The ball rolls, hits one of the diamond obstacles (so-called cuvettes) at some point and falls on the row of numbers at the bottom of the kettle. There it stumbles briefly over a few numbers until it finally remains in a compartment. If the ball falls on one of the numbers or combinations you bet on, you win a multiple of your bet.

Roulette Tips for the First Rounds

Bet only small amounts at first.

The simple chances offer the perfect opportunity to develop a feeling for the game.
In addition, the probability of winning is almost 50%.

Just play, strategies come later!

  • Don’t lose everything! Set a limit and stop when it’s at its best!
  • A good run of luck is often shorter than you think…
  • If things don’t go well, take a break first or stop altogether. Don’t try to run after lost missions under any circumstances.
  • That usually goes wrong.

Roulette Bets

  • Before each game you bet on certain numbers by placing your bet(s) on the table (the tableau).
  • Depending on where you place your bet on the table, you define which number(s) you bet on.
  • The meaning of each bet can be seen in the Roulette payout table “Roulette bets”.
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Winning and losing at Zéro

If the number 0 (Zéro) appears, you do not lose all your bets on the simple chances, but only half. However, you also have the option of placing your bets “En prison”.

Note: This rule only applies to the bets on the simple chances.

An example: You bet on red, the croupier throws the ball, he makes his announcements and the ball remains in the pocket of zero. All bets lose except those on the simple odds, so also your bet on red. These bets are now blocked. If the ball falls to red on the next roll, your bet is released and the chance of winning Roulette is there again.

The bets on the other odds are lost – unless, of course, you bet on Zéro.

Roulette strategies at a glance

As with any game of chance, there are plenty of legends about tricks and strategies. But what is important is the following fact: Roulette is based on chance!

One thing is clear: even the best strategy can’t protect you from a losing streak! That’s why we at the gambling school have some hints for you, which you should take to heart before you risk your money with a strategy.

Golden Roulette Rule Number 1:

Stay relaxed! Playing roulette should be fun. And this fun should last longer than 5 minutes if possible. This means that you should avoid betting all your money directly on a number. James Bond can do that. The black 17…. His number… And then a martini, shaken… But you’re not James Bond! Who wants to have a little longer fun, should bet smaller amounts.

Golden Roulette Rule Number 2:

First bet small amounts on the simple odds. With the simple odds, your chance of winning is almost 50%. The small but fine bank advantage is explained by the zero. No matter. We forget the zero times. We forget the zero for a moment. The simple chances (betting on red/black, even/odd or high/low) can give you simple winnings and on top of that you get to know the game, you can reduce your nervousness and get to know the online casino without pain. In any case use the offered bonus. Because the higher your starting capital, the higher your chances of a nice win! However, read the bonus rules, because in many casinos roulette is excluded in it.

Golden Roulette Rule Number 3:

Don’t chase after your losses! Everyone loses once. But where you lose, you win again, but maybe not immediately. Be careful with your capital! If you’re new to playing roulette online, get used to the game before betting on single numbers. If you want to make a profit, play quietly and carefully. Roulette is always about chance. It’s not like poker where I’m practically unbeatable with four aces… Every round of roulette is a new adventure and as the ball rolls in the wheel, all the cards are shuffled!

Playing roulette online is fun, exciting and can give you an exciting time. Let this time last a long time. Small bets, easy chances at the beginning. As your capital increases, you can also re-evaluate the risk and possibly consult one of the following roulette strategies.