Volleyball Bitcoin Betting – Advice and General Tips

Bitccoin Betting on volleyball: Volleyball betting is very important for online bookmakers. The ball hunters on the net undoubtedly belong to the extended mainstream offering. The popularity of volleyball in general is also quite high, especially in popular sports. The top teams in this country can already attract a few thousand spectators into the halls. Of course, the World and European Championships enjoy special attention, although Germany has been less successful here in recent years. In the following guide we are a little immersed in the volleyball offer of the bookmakers and would like to give you at the same time some general betting tips on the way.

Volleyball sports betting: Volleyball rules briefly explained as an introduction

If you want to bet on volleyball, you should of course understand the rules of the game. In volleyball, two teams face each other and generally play on three winning sets. While in the past only points were awarded on your own serve, every rally is now rewarded with a counter. In the slight advantage here is always the defending team, since this can start the first attack, provided that the ball acceptance is reasonably orderly. A set is finished as soon as a team has scored 25 points. However, the rule is that there must be a point interval of at least two points.

If there is a 2:2 draw after four sets, the decisive tiebreak continues. This is not played on 25, but only on 15 winning points.
Before the volleyball bet: The best websites about volleyball with statistics and results. The best online betting providers have very extensive result portals in the statistics sections on the websites, which also completely cover volleyball. The tables and the form curves can already be read out very well by the bookmakers. Betting enthusiasts who want to enrich their betting ideas with the latest news should visit the relevant specialist portals. Recommended volleyball sites are for example:

Here is a website recommended if you want to bet on volleyball games with Bitcoin.

Here you can check out the events and teams:

www.fivb.org (International Volleyball Federation)
www.volleyball-bundesliga.de (German League)

Most popular volleyball competitions in Germany

What volleyball bets can you place with the bookmakers? In Germany, volleyball is of course dominated by the men’s and women’s Bundesliga. After the main round, the champions are played out in the playoffs, comparable to ice hockey. Current title winners are the Berlin Recycling Volleys for men and the Dresdner SC for women.

A special spectacle in the local volleyball circus is also the DVV Cup. The final matches of the men and women always take place on one day. In recent years, the title winners have been determined in the Gerry Weber Arena in Halle.

In 2015, 10,500 spectators watched the final matches in front of a sold-out crowd. The cups this year went to VfB Friedrichshafen (men) and Allianz MTV Stuttgart (women). Starting next season, the cup event will be held in the SAP Arena in Mannheim.

Which international volleyball competitions are particularly popular?

What can you bet on in volleyball? Volleyball has developed into an absolute professional sport in recent years. While the World and European Championships used to take place only once every few years, the international competitions have now been expanded considerably – to the delight of the fans. Of course, the World and European Championships still rank first in terms of value, but there is a lot more:

  • World League: In the men’s World League, the best 32 nations face each other. The game is played in eight groups of four, which are regionally adapted. Afterwards, the K.O. rounds will continue.
  • World Grand Prix: The match series is the counterpart to the World League and is played by the women’s national teams. In the highest class, Group A, 12 teams are currently fighting for the title.
  • World Cup: The men’s World Cup is played every four years and is also considered a qualification for the Olympics.
  • Mens Club World Championship: The best club teams in the world meet for the final round tournament.
  • Womens Club World Championship: This is the identical final tournament for women only.
  • World Grand Champion Cup: The most prestigious women’s country tournament is played every four years.

All these competitions are held on a global level. In addition, there are the following important volleyball highlights in Europe:

  • Europa League: The competition is organised for the men’s and women’s national teams and takes place directly below the World League as a qualification competition.
  • Champions League: The highest European club league is for men and women.
  • CEV Cup: The European Cup is comparable to the former Cup of Cup Winners in football.
  • CEV Challenger League: This is the third international competition for club teams which is comparable to the Europa League in football.

Which betting providers have volleyball sports betting in their portfolio?

If you want to bet on volleyball, you are basically right everywhere: Every online bookmaker has volleyball bets in his portfolio. This type of sport is an absolute standard among betting providers. In addition to the international leagues, the bookies naturally also quote the national championships. Priority is given to Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Turkey and of course Germany. But also the leagues in Brazil or Qatar must not be missing. As a rule, the women’s and men’s championships are treated equally by the online providers.

How high are the volleyball odds and who offers the best volleyball odds?

The odds for volleyball can be regarded as average overall. In a balanced match, the odds range between 1.8 and 2.0. However, if there is a clear favourite on the floor, the odds drop very quickly. Betting on the top teams is rarely worth it.

In the following we have compared the offers of five top bookmakers. We chose the playoff match between Istanbul BBSK and Besiktas Istanbul. You can see the volleyball odds structure very well.

Which volleyball betting variants are also recommended?

In addition to the normal win bet, the betting providers have some additional lucrative options in their portfolio. The most important betting options in volleyball are as follows:

Double result, consisting of first set and final result
Exact result of the individual sentences
Total number of points in match or set as number or as over/under version
Handicaps on the points
Does a record go into the extension?
Correct record result
Play or set points even/odd
Can I bet on the 2nd Volleyball League in Germany?

No. As far as we know, the second German Volleyball League is not offered by any betting provider. The bookmakers in the national area generally concentrate only on the top competitions, there are usually no volleyball bets offered for underclass leagues.

Nevertheless, volleyball fans should not despair. All in all, the bookmakers have a very extensive range of bets on favourite sports at their disposal – this is also due to the extreme diversity of competition and club and national team activities. In addition, there are numerous quotas in the junior sector, for example at the Junior World and European Championships.

Are there bookmakers with live volleyball bets on offer?

Yes, the best bookmakers all offer volleyball betting live without exception. As a rule, bets can be placed on the set and match winners as well as on the exact number of points played.