Cryptocoin Investment Strategies For Beginners

Meanwhile, there are so many cryptocoins that especially beginners can no longer see the forest for the trees. Where should we start, which cryptocoins are safe and which investment strategies are suitable for beginners?

BlessedEaster Tip: 3 Cryptocoin Investment Strategies For Beginners

All-In Bitcoin:

The easiest strategy is to invest all available money in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is King – the entire market stands and falls with the BTC. This means that when the market rises, the bitcoin price also rises. So this strategy is not only simple, but also one of the safest.

Top10 Strategy:

Another strategy for beginners is to invest only in the Top 10 Cryptocoins. The top 10 are compiled by the market capitalization of the cryptocoins. The advantage of this strategy is that the top 10 coins cover the safest investments on the market and we still have good growth potential.


In this strategy we invest 50 percent of our money in Bitcoin, 40 percent in the remaining Top 10 Altcoins and the remaining 10 percent in riskier Altcoins outside the Top 10.

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These 3 strategies are a meaningful start for anyone just entering the world of Bitcoin and Co.